Financing Options

The program is set up so that you can qualify as a full-time student for purposes of these programs. 

  • Federally Insured Student Loan. Stafford Loans are readily available with a VERY EASY ONLINE APPLICATION PROCESS WITH NO CREDIT CHECK. You can receive up to $20,500 per year, $8,500 of which may be interest free or interest subsidized. If you are even thinking about any type of loan or financial aid, it is highly recommended that you immediately complete the online Federal FAFSA form.  (Use School Code 001481 for FAU.) Forensic Accountant with a Magnifying GlassThe application is immediate and 100% online. This form typically takes about 3-5 days to process. Next, the federal government will forward a report to our Office of Financial Aid.  Finally, FAU will certify the cost of your education and notify you of your financial aid award, and afterwards notify the Federal Government when you are registered, triggering the disbursement of the funds. Please contact us for complete details.
  • Employer Billing: We can provide direct billing to employers. Please contact us for details.
  • Credit Card Payments: We accept credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover) for all payments.
  • Private Loans: Although we do not recommend particular private loans, we can provide you links to web sites that discuss the many private students loans that are available. Please contact us for more information.

We’ll be happy to help you with the paperwork. Just let us know.

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